Recent Activities

Display of Safety techniques during Man-animal conflict by experts.

Visit of Forest Guard Class from Chail Forest Training School to Sarahan Pheasantry.

World Environment Day Celebrations at Darkali Village, Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary.

Visit of Worthy CCF (WL) South to Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary.

Inauguration of Chowkidar Quarter at Nigulsari, Rupi Bhaba Wildlife Sanctuary.

Distribution of Induction Stoves as part of Community Engagement Initiative of the Division.

Kala Jatha (Culture Group) disseminating environment conservation message in the village Chota Khamba, Rupi Bhaba Wildlife Sanctuary.

World Wildlife Day Celebrations at Sarahan Pheasantry.

Visit of students from Kendriya Vidyalaya to Sarahan Pheasantry.