About Sarahan

bhimakali temple

The famous Bhimakali Temple of Sarahan, one of the Shakti-peeths, in backdrop of Shrikhand Mountains.

- Photo Courtesy @Kunal Angrish

Administratively speaking, Sarahan is not bigger than a big Gram Panchayat. But this description would grossly underestimate both the popularity and fame of this picturesque part of upper Shimla.

The history of the place goes back well in time and many a times is entwined with mythology. Sarahan was the capital of erstwhile Bushahar state rulers. It was known as Shonitpur in earlier times and was the capital of Kinnaur. In Puranic literature, Shonitpur is known to be the capital of demon Banasur.

The famous Bhimakali temple, highlight of Sarahan, is devoted to mother goddess Bhimakali and as one of the Shaktipeeths is famous far and wide (especially in Bengal).

As far as forest and wildlife is concerned, Sarahan is the only place in the World where a conservation breeding programme for Western Tragopan, state bird of Himachal Pradesh, is going on.

Our division is divided into three ranges

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